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The key to successful application design is not a good idea or a useful feature – it all comes down to the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). It doesn’t matter how great your idea is if the app is looking horrible and impossible to use efficiently.

If you’re developing a web or mobile application, one of the significant things you need to get right is the way your app looks and feels. For example, if your field is eCommerce, a poorly designed app will lose you many potential customers.

UX designer
UI designer

UX designer is like an architect. This person takes care of users and helps your business to improve measurable parameters (reduce bounce rate, improve CTR and so on). UX designer understands user behavior and psychology, knows a lot about interface ergonomics and able to analyze business needs to convert it into the user flows.

UI designer at the same time is like a decorator. This person takes care of how the interface reflects the brand. It’s more about unmeasurable things (like how cozy an interface is, is it stylish enough and so on). UI designer knows a lot about colors and color combinations, know how to read brand books and convert them into UI elements.

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