Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Deciding whether — or how much — to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) is a decision that troubles many small-business owners and bloggers alike. On the one hand, showing up at the top of a search engine results page is a great goal to have. On the other hand, SEO is an inexact art that requires a lot of resources. Is SEO worth it? At uxinfotech, we always recommend search engine optimization as a natural part of the company’s web strategy, to strengthen the brand, and reach out to new customers and increase sales through the website.

The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.

– Cosmos

The Biggest Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses SEO

Here are five common reasons why SEO does not come and why we consider it to be incorrect conclusions:

1. You want to keep the scope of the project down and think that SEO can come in the next step.

  • It is easy to see how you think here, but the reality is that the work with search engine optimization needs to come up from the beginning so you get a search engine-friendly website. Doing it afterward usually means that you have to redo and change things that are already done.
  • If it really is that the project becomes too extensive, try to at least get the parts of the project that are required to then be able to work actively with SEO.

2. We use Google search, we get no customers that way, SEO is like throwing money in the lake.

  • Here we want to be humble and agree that we don’t have insight into how each company builds its business and digital marketing. In all major web projects, we always start with a workshop where we analyze which marketing channels should be used and how it can contribute to increased sales.
  • The most logical reasoning is: If you have a budget for marketing, some should be set aside for visibility on Google.
  • You can also think that if my competitors are visible on Google, I should also be there.

3. You have not analyzed what the purpose of the website is, too much focus is on your own needs.

  • This is more common than you might think in 2019. You do not see the connection between visibility on Google and a strong brand. Also, Google is one of the channels to reach out with your products and services to new customers.
  • You can also end up in this situation if those who run the web project are only IT and Technology, it is important to get the marketing department as well. With a focus on sales, it is easier to release internal requests.

4. We often get offers of SEO and top rankings on Google, and it doesn’t seem serious!

  • It’s true, there are still big promises, and it doesn’t seem that everyone who offers these services can be taken seriously.
  • At uxinfotech, we have been working with search engine optimization since 2010, and our goal is to be transparent how we work and what you can expect as a customer. One way to solve this is since 2014 we have worked with result-based invoicing when we help our customers with search engine optimization.

5. I have been to a workshop in digital strategies, and know-how Google works and solved it myself.

  • We are pleased that awareness of the value of a well thought out web strategy has increased in recent years. When we started working with SEO 2010, few people had an understanding, and then the idea was that only one has a webshop and the customers come.
  • At the same time, it is very easy to count the projects we have participated in where the customer himself has the skills and resources to implement a successful search engine optimization of his website. We probably dare say that SEO is a service you should buy from an expert with experience from many web projects.

Search engine optimization is long-term, cost-effective marketing!

Google is the only tool to cost-effectively build a lot of traffic over time for your website. In most other channels, the content usually only has a short life span of a few days, and you need to replenish new ones or make new mailings constantly. The value of paid traffic is only available as long as you continue to advertise, then the traffic ends.

On the other hand, you create great content on Google that indexes high on relevant keywords giving it traffic over several years. Every new content published builds on and accumulates a value that strengthens your visibility on Google. Search engine optimization is a long-term, cost-effective marketing channel.

SEO is something you should work with right from the start and then continue with. Search engine optimization is not something you can check off as clear. If you sit back, your competitors will soon be passing you on your important keywords. So start working on good content already today and continue as it is, so you are building a successful web presence that increases the profitability of your company.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be included in all web projects – seven strong arguments:

  1. 75% of all purchase decisions preceded by a search on Google, you don’t see you don’t exist.
  2. SEO build visitors. More visitors, more customers. Simple and logical!
  3. SEO is about brand building and credibility. To be seen in the right context and on the right keywords before your competitors strengthen your brand
  4. You reach the potential customer at the same moment as he does a search and is interested in your product or service.
  5. Unlike most other channels, one accumulates value on Google where one strengthens its position in the long term.
  6. Having an SEO in web projects with a new website right from the start is a definite advantage, so you don’t have to change.
  7. With SEO, it is easy to measure how visitors act and who make contact, you see what you get for your money.

Conclusion: Stop chasing customers – let them come to you with search engine optimization

With SEO, you reach potential customers at the moment they do searches and are interested in your product or service. That is, the customer searches you and takes contact instead of having to hunt them.

Or in other words; It is not enough with a beautiful website. If you have not done your homework and worked with the keyword optimization, it is, to some extent, a waste of time and money. A good search engine optimized website has the potential to increase traffic and in turn, significantly affect your company’s revenue.

The question is not whether SEO should be part of your web investment!
The question is on what level you should work with SEO and what budget to allocate to it.

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