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More and more people are browsing the internet with their mobile phones. Studies show that smartphones or tablets do over 80% of all internet connections when customers search for your brand or company name. Your visitors want to easy and quickly find relevant information, which they do if your company has a mobile-first designed website.

A mobile website, Responsive design, or Mobile app?
We develop websites with a mobile-first design approach, adapted for mobile browsers. It’s not just about using the right technology, but also about the customer experience itself. Feel free to browse our website with your mobile phone, and you will see an example of an optimized mobile-first responsive designed website.

Mobile site – Three different development opportunities
Many companies talk about apps for the mobile. Our advice is to start with the mobile-first responsive design and then get a mobile-adapted app website with Flutter. Today, there are three ways to create a mobile website. Apps that you download and install on your phone, a separate mobile site, and mobile-first responsive design. These three different options have both advantages and disadvantages, what is best depends on the area of ​​use you have.

Mobile-First Design

What is a Mobile Website / Mobile Custom Website?
A mobile website works in this way that when a visitor browses through the mobile device into the website and automatically forwarded to a mobile website. Here you usually also ask if the visitor wants to stay on the mobile site or visit the regular website.

Benefits of Mobile Website:
– One can have a separate information structure, different content, and keywords.
– Short development time and cost-effective, compared to develop a mobile app.
– You can develop a mobile-adapted website in a short time compared to a Mobile app.

What is a Mobile app?
A mobile app is downloaded via iTunes, Android Market, or Windows. Apple must approve the app, and an app also takes longer and cost more money to develop. An app is generally faster and can also send push notifications to the mobile phone and use GPS, the camera, etc. A web application can also run in offline mode without contact with the internet.

Advantages of the Mobile app:
– Support for using mobile functions such as camera, GPS, etc. Which means that you have more opportunities to optimize the user experience.
– One can use the web app without connection to the internet.

What is responsive web design?
Responsive web or mobile-first responsive design is a layout that automatically adapts to the visitor’s screen resolution. The visitor gets a custom layout regardless of whether you use a tablet, mobile, or computer. You will save time and money when you don’t have to administer two different websites. Also, a responsive site is better from the SEO point of view because you avoid the risk of duplicate content and use the same keywords.

Benefits of Responsive Design:
– Works on several different devices.
– Easier updating of the content of the website as it does not need to be created twice in several places.
– Future-proof.
– The technical work becomes more manageable.

Then what should I choose?

Will the customer download an app? Are the benefit, loyalty, and willingness of the customer available to download and use an app?

What do you have for a budget? Generally, apps cost more than mobile custom websites.

How often does the user visit the site?

What does a mobile visitor want? Do you want to show only selected parts of the site?

Will you rebuild the site in the near future?

Tips for getting an excellent mobile website

Call to action, highlight what you think the mobile visitor wants to do. It can be: contact information, directions, book, opening hours, find the nearest place of purchase, etc.

Limit the mobile content visitor does not want to read everything about the company, the references, etc.

Mobile visitors are looking for quick information and not long texts, use clear text and big buttons.

Think mobile-first design mobile visitor is used to “swipe,” to scroll, to let the pages float. Keep in mind that your company gives a modern look if the feeling is “app.”

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